Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Cat that likes water

Okay so I have heard of cats that like water and now I seem to find myself living with one that has taken a fancy to 'scooping' water out of the water bowl - until it is empty. If that is not enough she jumps at the oppertunity to sit in the shower catching water as it drips down the wall, off the soap dish or out of the shower head.

Yes she is getting wet but she does not seem to care to the point where there could be standing water in the shower and she will still go into the shower to get the dripping water.

This is not something I am able to resolve - I thought with the water bowl I would get a new one that she could not knock over - but as I stated above ... she is scooping the water out not tipping it over. Poor Benson is not getting any water as it's all over the floor - so for now the best I can do is put a bowl in the shower upstairs where she can play with the water and put ice cubes in the water bowl downstairs for Benson. Fiona does not seem interested in the ice cubes only the water.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fiona is back to her old self

As of yesterday she is back to her old self. I never did find out what was wrong with her. Today she is acting like nothing was ever wrong. Interesting note is that Bob (husband) found a dead Sun Spider just outside the arcadia door after spraying bug spray there yesterday.

To read more on the Sun Spider check out this web site

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not herself

Fiona is not doing well. She does not play or follow us from room to room, all she does is rest on the bed. This has been going on for at least the last 5 days. Her eye's look good, can't find any wounds, I rub her tummy and there is no reaction, her paws, legs and spine seem to be fine.

Three things come to mind.
1) Water from the soap dish - maybe the soap has made her ill
2) She may have been stung by a scorpion or sun spider
3) This may be from the booster shot

This morning she came downstairs with us - so things may be getting better. I don't want to take her to vet if I don't have to - as that really stresses her out.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fiona's 1 Year Vet Visit

This cat 'hates' car rides. It is a 40 minute trip to the Vet's office and she cried all the way there. Weighing in at 14 pounds, the vet said that she was a little over weight, but otherwise doing great. We are going to put her and Benson on Adult light food. The Vet said that Fiona asks more like a Dog then a Cat. I told her some of the things that she does. Like waiting in the shower for water to drip from the soap dish - trying to catch the drops. If she is sleeping in a room and we leave the room, she will meow until we call her, after which she comes running to our location. She is very needed and follows us from room to room. When we go out side she waits by the door watching us, and meows when we come back in.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Cat Litter Works :)

The new litter is working!!! There is no dust, no smell, Not even on Benson.

Best of all Benson is using the litter box now and not the tub.

Life's Good

Thursday, January 19, 2006


So I changed the litter and now Benson is using the bathtub :( this is not good. The new litter smells better and the dust is gone BUT THE BATHTUB??? Well it good in that we don't use that tub as it is downstairs - I was thinking about filling the tub with water, thinking he would get wet the next time in jumped in, however my spouse reminded me that if he did not use the tub he would go someplace else in the house. I really do not want to bring back the old litter. So I now find myself in a bind.... What shall I do...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Cat Litter

So I bought this stuff called "World's Best Cat Litter". It is made from all-natural, whole kernel corn. They state "this litter offers superior clumping and odor control naturally, without the addition of any fragrance, oil or perfume. Its softer texture is easy on cats' paws and resists tracking. It is flushable and safe for septic tanks, and completely biodegradable". I am hoping this will solve the problem of Benson smelling like the litter and making me sneeze.

More about Corn-Based Litters

Made from whole kernel corn, the hard granules are the size of peas or smaller. Corn litters are virtually dust-free, clump, scoop easily, have a mild corn odor, are flushable and septic safe, and last long. Corn litters are frequently the choice for use with automatic litter boxes or litter pans designed with a screen and urine-collection drain pan beneath.